Buddha image on Chi Chan rock (พระพุทธรูปเขาชีจรรย์)

(Khao Chi Chan is also spelled like Khao Chee-Chan)

GPS coordinates: 12°45’56.9″N 100°57’23.8″E (12.765792, 100.956619)

109-meter high Buddha image (130-meter high, if counting both – Buddha and the flower on which he sits) was carved on Khao Chi Chan in 1996 in honour of 50-year anniversary of ascending of king Rama IX to the throne. It was the idea of Somdet Phra Yannasangwon (Thai Supreme Patriarch who was in charge of neighboring Wat Yan’s construction) to decorate the nude wall of rock this way.

Almost flat surface of rock had appeared due to mining in previous years. At first the contour had been burned out by laser beam, and then it was filled with golden plates. Buddha image imitates style of Sukhotai and Lanna period (13-15 centuries AD). Inside Buddha’s chest resides the relic.

As Khao Chi Chan is quite far from the city (see the map below), you can also plan a visit to nearby:

Garden by Khao Chi Chan
Maintained territory next to the rock

Gold Buddha image


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