Visiting national parks

The most disappointing thing is when you arrive to a national park and discover that beautiful pictures from booklets don’t match reality. And to the top of it you become bitten and dehydrated. In this article we’ll discuss what one can foresee prior to making a visit to any Thai national park.

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Dangers and scam

All unpleasant things that one should know prior making a visit to Thailand. If you’ve already been to Thailand, make sure that you know about all issues that I have mentioned in the article. This information can save not only your money and health but life also.

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Tamarind (มะขาม)

Tamarind is definitely not a fruit – these are pieces of very thick jam (that one shouldn’t cook) in a pod. After I’ve tasted tamarind and egg fruit, I’m obsessed with one question: should one bake bread or buy cheese, when they are probably already growing somewhere?

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