Sights of Pattaya

Pattaya city sign (+viewpoint)

GPS coordinates: 12°55’31.9″N 100°51’52.1″E (12.925519, 100.864470)

Entrance: Free

“Pattaya city” sign is visible from every corner of Central Pattaya beach, but only a few people know that one can approach huge letters. Also here is a viewpoint.

For your comfort you can plan a visit to sights of big Buddha hill along with the sign, as they are just 1,5 km. far from each other.

Pattaya city sign, sunset
Sunset – the sign soon will be switched on
Pattaya city sign from Central Festival
Pattaya city sign is visible even from Central Festival shopping centre, though it’s rather far


Take Pattaya map with you – just click the star and it will be saved in your Google account. Any locations in this region that I will add later will appear on your map.

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