The best Thai massage in Pattaya

GPS coordinates: 12°54’31.7″N 100°51’33″E (12.908815, 100.859156)

How to find the right one: the parlour is next to FamilyMart. The last time I’ve been to Pattaya the name was changed to “Mia” and the walls were painted with a kind of violet colour.

The most important is that rebranding and moving didn’t affect the staff – these are still the same people. Most of them are older than 50. And they are really good in what they offer. Another one way to understand that you are in the right place – ask about Sam. He’s my first Thai friend. And this is the first massage parlour I’ve been to. 10 years I’ve been travelling in Thailand and still this one massage parlour I consider to be the best – best quality, best prices.

I’m not sure that you will definitely find Sam there, because from time to time he goes to work in Russia. But it’s not about my friend only – there are skilled ladies with strong hands. It doesn’t matter how they look, everything is about the skill: you will be surprised how tiny Mama Lek can easily stretch a huge Russian guy.

Take Pattaya map with you – just click the star and it will be saved in your Google account. Any locations in this region that I will add later will appear on your map.

Location of this massage parlour is not that perfect, if you don’t live next to it (f.e. in Pattaya Park hotel). Nevertheless I’m constant client here, even if I stay in other district of Pattaya.

There are 2 ways how to get to songthaew from here:

  • The road to Big Budda hill goes up ~1 km. On the way to songthaew you can visit fruit market with a good variety and reasonable prices. Here you can buy a fruit shake and sip it in order to cool yourself down, while you continue your way up the hill.
  • One can walk along the beach in the shade of trees, ~1,5 km.

The big article about Thai massage is here.

This is price list of the massage parlor. As you see, it bears the old name, but prices are still the same.

Thai massage price-list in Thailand
Prices of Thai massage in Thailand

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