Darun Ibadah mosque (มัสยิดดารุ้ลอิบาดะห์)

(Also spelled Darul Ibadah)

GPS coordinates: 12°56’01.8″N 100°54’02.4″E (12.933844, 100.900659)

The biggest mosque in Pattaya is located next to Catholic church – it’s a good example of tolerance, how peacefully people should coexist. In Darun Ibadah mosque all 5 daily prayers (+ Jumu’ah, the Friday prayer) are held, in Thai and Arabic languages.

Darul Ibadah

If we go deeper in linguistics, the name of mosque comes from Arabic “Dar al-Ibadah” that means “territory of worshipping”. While transliteration that I use, “Darun Ibadah”, reflects Thai pronunciation.


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