«Holland Tulip»

GPS coordinates: 12°55’47.2″N 100°56’08.8″E (12.929786, 100.935782)

Entrance: Free

No, this is not a shopping centre or the entertainment one has to pay for. Here’s quiet, tranquil and you’ll never see tourist crowds. It’s Holland Tulip resort that consists of several European-style buildings. And as it comes from the name – it is managed by Dutch.

Holland Tulip resort offers rooms for long-term rent (1 month+). Of course it won’t fit tourists (too far from the sea, though they offer a nice swimming pool). But one can make some pictures there, and then play a trick on your friends by persuading that during vacation you have visited not only Thailand but some European towns also.

Entrance to pool area in Holland Tulip resort
Entrance to pool area

The access to the territory is free. Despite of CCTV surveillance, you’ll be allowed to visit Holland Tulip’s territory, if you don’t break the silence and stay polite. There’s a restaurant by the pool, but it has strange opening hours, according to their website from 14:00 to 17:00. Nevertheless when I was leaving Holland Tulip resort at 14:00 the restaurant remained closed. Anyway one can act as if one had a strong will to visit their restaurant.

Holland Tulip resort

Main square in Holland Tulip resort

Clock tower in Holland Tulip resort
Clock tower
Bakery in Holland Tulip resort
There’s a bakery behind the staircase
Fountain in Holland Tulip resort
The fountain
European-style Holland Tulip resort in Pattaya
Details of decoration – iron cat on the roof edge

Holland Tulip resort

Lizard in Holland Tulip resort
Little local lizard

Upper floor in Holland Tulip resort

Pool area in Holland Tulip resort
Some houses have even paintings on their walls. And there’s another iron cat (almost in the middle of the picture)
Picturesque pool in Holland Tulip resort
Pool area
Dead-end street in Holland Tulip resort
End of street in Holland Tulip resort
Holland Tulip resort
A bench in a shape of strange horse
Restaurant by the pool, Holland Tulip resort
Restaurant is located by the pool
Little fountain in Holland Tulip resort
View to the fountain

If you are curious to see rates etc – here’s the website of Holland Tulip resort.


Take Pattaya map with you – just click the star and it will be saved in your Google account. Any locations in this region that I will add later will appear on your map.

Also you can visit nearby temple. And if you need to explain to taxi driver, where he should bring you, show him temple’s name.


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